Real estate in St Maarten / St Martin during COVID-19 lock down

St Maarten is famous for its airport, where planes fly just above the heads of tourists having fun on Maho Beach. The same airport guarantees great air connections among others with Europe, and the United States. So the journey on SXM is not very complicated nor too exhausting. We hope that soon quarantine will be lifted and everyone will be able to visit Caribbean.

Situation on Lesser Antilles is no different from the rest of the world. A temporary lock down was applied also on Caribbean Islands. It is hard to imagine how to refrain from leaving the house when you can see the golden, sandy beach and the mesmerizingly turquoise water just behind windows. Also local pubs, bars and restaurants were closed, on two sides St Maarten/St Martin, Dutch and French, with all its Caribbean energy, food and music, were silenced for almost three months.

However, in a truly Caribbean spirit, we should focus on the positives. Currently, the situation on St Maarten/St Martin is slowly going back to normal. The truly positive news is that there is no new covid19 cases on the Dutch side for 3 weeks. After 2.5 months of lock down both French Saint Martin and Dutch Sint Maarten start opening for business, tourism and free moving. Airport in Grand Case on the French side already accepted some local flights, and the Dutch Princess Juliana international Airport is expected to resume activity with international flights from July 1th. Bars and restaurants just got reopened, however businesses are operating with some safety and social distancing measures. That hopefully means, the island soon will be ready to entertain tourists! Also construction jobs are back, working on hotels renovations, residential buildings and new real estate projects.

One of those new projects which is especially worth mentioning, are two 21-floor towers in Cupecoy on the Dutch side of island. The construction started in July 2018. The buildings are located in a convenient district, around 100 yards from Mullet Bay Beach. This is a fashionable and modern precinct of Sint Maarten, guaranteeing access to many entertainment spots, tourist attractions, golf course, and beautiful beaches, with breathtaking views. This particular construction will include a hotel with over 150 apartments in the first tower and condo-complex with 72 apartments for sale, on the other side. It is possible to choose the option of an apartment with one, two or three bedrooms. However, those interested must decide rather quickly, because developers want to sell condos as soon as possible. Prices are expected to start at around $ 215,000.

Projects like this one support the island's development, accelerate tourism and open up to investors, which is vey important matter, especially after COVID-19 lock-down. For buyers however, this could be a great opportunity to invest money in an apartment and earn from renting, or make a dream of living in the Caribbean come true. A profitable offer since St Maarten is duty free island.

A world lock-down is coming to an end. It will soon be possible to travel, the airports will open once again and the Caribbean will welcome tourism. The coronavirus situation has had a major impact on the global and local economy, however every crisis has it’s positives as well. After such a big change in the world economy there is a shared belief amongst the experts that the real estate market will be much more lively again. This is also the perfect time to go for an adventurous hunt for a second-hand immovable property. There will be sellers wanting to sell their property fast. For buyers there will be a lot of juicy opportunities.

SM guarantees the truly Caribbean climate, music, food, beautiful views, tropical weather, palm trees, coconuts and golden sandy beaches. A multicultural society lives on the island, people from all over the world. It is the best place for anyone who loves tropics. For a reason St Maarten/St Martin is called a friendly island. It is hard to imagine better place to move in or to buy a holiday house.

Let yourself be daydreaming about Caribbean houses or make your dreams come true instead! We will keep you posted about the new deals on the SXM real estate market.

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