Buying property in St Maarten. Where to buy real estate on the Dutch Side of SXM island, Caribbean

The Dutch St. Maarten occupies the southern part of the island. It is a small territory, because it has only 34 square kilometers, inhabited by about 30,000 people.

St. Maarten, despite it’s relatively small area, offers a variety of activities, beautiful beaches, pubs and restaurants that serve delicious dishes from all over the world and local cuisine, to add even more there are casinos and discos, however if one prefers quite and solitude the island can serve in this area as well.

The perfect spot for everyone who loves night life, could be Simpson Bay or Maho Village. These two districts are located in the immediate vicinity of the International Airport Princesse Juliana. They offer access to countless bars and restaurants for every gourmet, the whole avenue od duty-free shops, and all of this is in the vicinity of sandy beaches with turquoise Caribbean Sea water. Maho is one of the most recognizable beach in the world, known for planes flying just above the heads of sunbathers. What an extreme experience!

However, if you are not a fan of loud and intensive nightlife, we gladly offer you more secluded suggestions for quiet living.

Cupecoy, located next to Maho and bordering on the north with the French side of the island, is one of this kind of places. There is more peace and quiet than in Maho village, and yet it is a very modern district. This precinct is developing rapidly. As evidence be could take recent investments, such as modern construction consisting of two towers, one of which will be a hotel and the other a condo-complex. That could be a very good opportunity if you consider buying real estate for investment and rent or just want an apartment in a luxury building for yourself . Cupecoy is also closest neighborhood of the most beautiful and famous beaches of St. Maarten, such as Mullet Bay and Cupecoy Beach.

For fans of sports activities, between Maho village, Cupecoy, and not far from Mullet Bay Beach, is a golf course. On many beaches of St. Maarten there are also suitable conditions for water sports, such as surfing or kitesurfing.

Exactly of the opposite side of the island, is located another nice and quiet estate. Oyster Pond is in one of the most desirable neighborhoods. A beautiful lagoon, surrounded by ever-green forests on small hills- that is the view which attracts many potential buyers. Moreover, there are also many luxury villas in this district. Oyster Pond is also close to Dawn Beach, which attracts sunbathers with its white sand, turquoise water, a bay surrounded by a coral reef, and , as the name suggests, beautiful sunrises.

Another quiet and peaceful place where you can look for properties is the Pelican Key. Pelican Key is located on the southwestern tip of St Maarten, surrounded by water, on almost every side. Simpson bay lagoon from the north and west, and the Caribbean sea from the south and east. The whole area is very quiet and safe. There are several restaurants and bars, grocery stores and the Casino Paradise.

The last of our suggestions for a more quiet places in SXM, is Guana Bay, which is located on the eastern part of the island, on the ocean side. The Atlantic guarantees the sea breeze that refreshes on hot days all those, who are on the east coast of St Maarten. Guana Bay, is a small village that is well connected to Philipsburg and Oyster Pond, so despite the impression of living in the sidelines, all attractions are still at your fingertips.

However, if you are thinking about opening your business, the best places we can recommend are Cole Bay, Simpson Bay and Philipsburg. The previously described Simpson Bay is located near the airport. It is famous for beach bars, restaurants, local business and shops. On the other side od Simpson Bay lagoon is Cole Bay, where in addition to normal stores we can also find marina shops.

Of course, the largest town on the island is Philipsburg. There are most shops with local products, but also shops with luxury brands and stalls on the marketplace. Philipsburg, however, is not the best place for everyone. It is loud and jammed town, but full of colors and Caribbean energy.

On the other hand, if you dream about having your own boat, there is also a perfect place for you on St. Maarten. We can present for you estates with private docks or marinas. Such apartments are usually closed housing estates, with access to swimming pools, tennis courts and other facilities for their residents. Often, the docks are right under the owner's window, so you could see your boat all the time.

As you can see, whatever you find closer to your heart, loud and eventful night-life, water sports, quiet and relaxing atmosphere, you can find it on St Maarten!

About prices.

Prices, as everywhere in the world, depend on the standard and quality of housing, as well as on location. The closer the property is to the beach, the higher the price is. If you are also looking for a beautiful view of the sea, you have to reckon with additional costs. Also, the prices of closed complexes are relatively high, as are the modern ones, made to a high standard, and offering many amenities. Luxury apartments are located in Simpson Bay Yacht Club, Porto Cupecoy, Cupecoy beach Club, Aquamarina

Cheaper properties are located in the center of the island. We believe that this is still a good option for people who want to save some money or buy a larger yardage for the same price. SXM is not a large island, so whether you live on the coast or on beautiful, green hills, among tropical forests, the beach is ALWAYS within your reach.